Alexander Teachers of the Mountain Region

Guidelines as of June 2023

Basic Agreements:

Primary Purpose:

Our primary purpose is continued education. We meet to deepen our teaching, study and understanding of the Alexander Technique. Our aim is to learn from each other, to cooperate, and to encourage each other’s AT-related projects and initiatives.


Any certified Alexander Technique teacher is welcome to participate in the group. There is no requirement that one be actively teaching. We encourage participants to exchange hands-on work and to offer presentations.

Guidelines and Structure:

Core Structure:

We typically meet once a month for 2 hours. When those meetings are in person, we split our time between:

(a) hands-on exchange between those attending
(b) a presentation by one of our members (usually assisted by one other) on a topic
relevant to the AT

Other structures and formats may be added by the group as desired. Once a year we meet to decide our plans for the coming year.


ATMR has spelled-out guidelines on the following topics:

Hands-on Exchange:
including these sub-topics:

  • a. Being explicit
  • b. Feedback
  • c. Teaching
  • d. Learning
  • e.Communicating
  • f. Confidentiality

Media Usage

Resolving Differences


AT-related Projects & Initiatives

Editing and Approving Written Proposals

If you are and Alexander Technique teacher and are interested in learning in more depth about how ATMR functions, you are warmly invited to become a member.

If you would like to join ATMR, please just click here and one of us will get back to you with information about how to pay membership dues and how to get yourself listed on our website.

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