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  • Bridget Rue Esterhuizen

    Bridget Rue Esterhuizen

    (MFA, ATI) (Murphy, NC) is a professional actor, director, voice coach, and licensed Educator with decades of teaching experience.  A graduate of the North Carolina Teacher Training Program of Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies (Marjorie Barstow tradition), she enjoys partnering with students as they learn to use AT to improve their overall coordination in any activity…

  • Vivian Torres

    Vivian Torres

    is a professional Violist with a Bachelors, Masters and Artist Diploma in Music Performance from the University of Miami and Florida International University. She is the Alexander Technique teacher at Brevard Music Center and holds a private practice in West Asheville and Brevard, NC where she also offers  group classes. Vivian’s passion is working with…

  • Judith Cline

    Judith Cline

     Judith is a graduate in vocal performance from Drake University, the University of Southern California, and received her Ph.D. at Washington University in St. Louis, singing in concert halls across the United States, Europe, South America, and the Middle East. During her undergraduate studies she was introduced to the Alexander Technique in workshops given by…

  • Claire Rechnitzer

    Claire Rechnitzer

    is an AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique teacher, teaching in her Blue Ash, Ohio home-studio as well as various venues in the Greater Cincinnati area. She enjoys teaching individuals and small groups in person and believes that hands-on contact is the best way to communicate the technique and gain a genuine “feel for the road”. Much like…

  • Mary Stuyvesant Eagle

    Mary Stuyvesant Eagle

    (a.k.a. ‘Stuyvie’) first heard of the Alexander Technique when Troup Mathews was courting her mother Ann. Troup’s first wife’s aunt was Lulie Westfeldt, who wrote the first book about F.M. Alexander, and it was that book that Troup gave Ann. In Mary Eagle’s extended family there are nine teachers of the Alexander Technique, representing 5…

  • Tami Bulmash

    Tami Bulmash

    has devoted the past twenty years to the study, research, writing, and teaching of postural health. Her website was chosen in the top 25 Posture Blogs and Websites to follow from 2018-2022. Tami is the author of “iPosture: A Closer Look at the Lifestyle Practices of Schoolchildren” and co-author for the Amazon #1 Bestseller, “Heart…

  • Robin Gilmore

    Robin Gilmore

    MFA, ATI, began studying the Alexander Technique and other somatic disciplines in 1980. She studied with Marjorie Barstow, Bill Conable, Martha Hansen and others. Qualifying to teach the Alexander Technique in 1986, she is a Teaching Member and Sponsor of Alexander Technique International. Since 2004 Robin has directed CBAS, an Alexander Technique teacher training program…

  • Linnie Oysler

    Linnie Oysler

     Linnie’s lifelong interest has always revolved around understanding who we are as conscious aware human beings. In coming across the work of F.M. Alexander, she immediately saw that this work could be a very direct way to access the presence and awareness of which all spiritual teachers speak. She trained in this work for many…

  • Ellen Bierhorst, Ph.D.

    Ellen Bierhorst, Ph.D.

    has been a psychotherapist (Clinical Psychologist Ph.D.) since 1975 and a certified Alexander Technique teacher since 2009.  She has special interest in the geriatric application of the AT and the psychological benefits of AT lessons.

  • Eric Pritchard

    Eric Pritchard

    (Durham, NC)serves as First Violinist of the Ciompi Quartet of Duke University and tours extensively as a concert violinist. He has been teaching violin, chamber music at Duke since 1995 and upon completion of the Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies, Eric also began offering an Alexander Technique course for musicians, actors and dancers at Duke in…

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