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  • Charlotte Anderson

    Charlotte Anderson

    (Kingsport, TN) is an AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique teacher who loves to help people find their voice and their potential. She has extensive opera, recital, oratorio and symphonic song experience, and has presented workshops around the country on Voice, Body Awareness and The Alexander Technique.  She holds a Masters and Doctorate in vocal performance and pedagogy from…

  • Shellie Beth Cash

    Shellie Beth Cash

    (Greenville, SC) earned a BFA in Ballet from the University of Utah, and an MA in Movement Studies and Dance from Wesleyan University. After dancing professionally around the world, she certified as an AT teacher in 1998 at the Alexander Foundation in Philadelphia. For more than 20 years, Shellie has taught AT to people in all walks…

  • Monika Gross

    Monika Gross

    Based in Asheville NC, with Zoom distance instruction worldwide, Monika Gross is a senior Alexander technique teacher with 35+ years experience. Certified 1985. Member: AmSAT; ATI; ISMETA – MSME/T. BFA Drama, UNC School of the Arts. Executive Director, The Poise Project, a non-profit researching and delivering 21st century replicable AT-based group programming for people with…

  • Lisa First

    Lisa First

    (Raleigh, NC) is an AmSAT-certified instructor of the Alexander Technique with a BA from Antioch College Visual Arts/Dance and an MA in Movement/Dance from Wesleyan University. Now in Raleigh, NC, she still teaches once a month in Charlotte, NC. Lisa has extensive experience working in the performing arts with musicians and dancers of all ages, and has taught  AT at…

  • Jennifer Roig-Francoli

    Jennifer Roig-Francoli

    Hi, I’m Jennifer Roig-Francolí, Creator of The Art of Freedom® Method, helping musicians enjoy a healthy, balanced life and an abundantly successful career while making a real difference in the world. These days are really tough for musicians. Besides feeling stressed, anxious, and uninspired due to the pandemic, many musicians are also in pain. Their…

  • Corinne Cassini 

    Corinne Cassini 

    (Boone), a professionally trained cellist, teaches the Alexander Technique at the Hayes School of Music (Appalachian State University) and privately in downtown Boone. She is certified by both NeVLAT and ATI. Following her first training in Amsterdam in the Carrington tradition she spent two years under the guidance of Tommy Thompson deepening her experience, practice and understanding…

  • Susan Arthur-Whitson

    Susan Arthur-Whitson

    works with students in a thoughtful and encouraging manner to help them become aware of individual habits and patterns that often interfere with easy, efficient, pain-free movement. In addition to maintaining a private practice in Rutherfordton and Tryon, she teaches groups in various settings.

  • Erik Bendix

    Erik Bendix

    Erik Bendix (Asheville) is an AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique teacher. He trained with Frank Ottiwell, Joan & Alex Murray, and for several months also Walter Carrington. He has taught anatomy at Alexander training courses for many years, has taught the Technique at music conservatories and academies, represented the Technique at scientific conferences and has developed his…

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