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Robbin Marcus

is an ATI certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. Robbin studied at the Alexander Alliance with Bruce and Martha Fertman in Philadelphia PA, earning certification in 2005. She is the Kodaly summer program Director Emeritus at George Mason University, and teaches AT and piano lessons in Decatur, GA to students of all ages. Robbin served as Alexander Technique International Communications Chair, served on the Organization of American Kodaly Educators board as a Member at Large, and is currently a Member at Large for the Country Dance and Song Society National Board of Directors. Robbin spent twenty-five years as the lower school music specialist at St. Paul’s School in Baltimore, Maryland. She is also a well-known traditional dance leader and musician.

Robbin was initially drawn to the Alexander Technique to help her with back and neck pain from years of playing piano and teaching small children.  She now specializes in helping musicians, actors and others find freedom, ease and poise in performance and daily life. 

Robbin Marcus


Director Emeritus, Kodály Certification at George Mason University

ATI Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Country Dance and Song Society National Board Member

George Mason University Kodály Teacher Training

July 5 – 23, 2021

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