Alison Deadman


Robin Gilmore

International | Maryland | North Carolina

Judith Saxton

Delaware | North Carolina | Online

Barbara Hudson


Luke Shaver

North Carolina

Monika Gross

North Carolina | Online

Judith Cline


Eric Pritchard

North Carolina

Mary Stuyvesant Eagle

North Carolina | Online

Jennifer Roig-Francoli

Ohio | Online

Jack Fischer

North Carolina

Shellie Beth Cash

Florida | North Carolina | Online | South Carolina

Charlotte Anderson

Online | Tennessee

Vivian Torres

North Carolina

Corinne Cassini 

North Carolina | Online

Linnie Oysler

North Carolina | Online

Robbin Marcus

Georgia | Online

Sarah Barker

International | Online | South Carolina

Bridget Rue Esterhuizen

North Carolina

Meredith McIntosh

International | North Carolina | Online | South Carolina

Claire Rechnitzer


Lisa First

North Carolina | Online

Tami Bulmash

North Carolina

Idelle Packer

North Carolina | Online

Susan Arthur-Whitson

North Carolina

Erik Bendix

International | North Carolina | Online

Glenna Batson

International | North Carolina

Morgan Rysdon

Georgia | Online

Ellen Bierhorst, Ph.D.

Ohio | Online

Members of ATMR have completed teacher trainings and post-graduate work around the world. Most have been certified by one or both of the following professional associations of Alexander Technique teachers:

The American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) or Alexander Technique International (ATI).

Considerations when choosing a teacher:

Each teacher is an individual.  Like learning anything else, it is important for the AT student to find the teacher who is right for them. You may wish to have lessons with one or more teachers until you find your best fit.

Don’t jump to conclusions. Alexander Technique may surprise you in unexpected ways. It might be wise to leave time for it to start sinking in before you choose whom to work with or how long of a commitment to make.

Teachers may have more than one teaching location. Some teachers will also work with you onsite. This might be at your place of work, in your home, or while running or cycling or working out.

Teachers may price their lessons differently. Ask your teacher about their prices. Do they have a 24-hour cancellation policy? Do they offer bulk discounts? Sliding scale? Free lessons when you send them a new student? Teachers appreciate when students want the relationship to benefit both sides.

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